Commercial Landscape Design

Commercial landscape design services by Grand Rapids Landscape ManagementIf you own or develop commercial property, you will most likely need a landscape architect to design the property’s landscaping. Our landscape architects can help you select landscape elements, make recommendations on color, design and other aesthetic considerations, and help deal with any permit or zoning issues you encounter.

If you’re in need of commercial landscape design services, give us a call or use our contact form to get in touch. We’ll respond promptly and schedule a time to talk about your needs and objectives.

A brief overview of the commercial landscape design process:

Initial Onsite Consultation
During our initial consultation with you, we’ll discuss your vision for the site and get a firm understanding of your organization’s business, site occupants, and expected visitors. We’ll assess the site’s topography, composition of soils, existing natural elements, drainage, and natural resources and their affect on potential plantings and landscape design. We’ll talk about your potential budget for the landscaping. Finally, we’ll take some site measurements and photography of the existing site for planning. If the building isn’t constructed yet, we’ll also want to obtain a set of drawings for the proposed structure.

Commercial Landscape Design Concepts
Since each commercial site unique, our landscape design professionals will integrate your ideas, site characteristics, and budget to create conceptual ideas for your landscape. We’ll take the information from our initial consultation, meeting notes, site analysis, planned uses, and preferences, and combine it with our extensive knowledge of landscaping materials and plantings to develop landscape design sketches. These conceptual plans will note general areas and sizes for landscape elements such as lawn areas, plantings, retaining, privacy, or garden walls, walkways, decking, hardscapes, fountains or other water elements, and any other landscape structures.

Our landscape design professionals will develop the landscape layout as well as planting plans. Your landscape design may also include and specify element such as landscape lighting, outdoor furniture, fountains, and other materials like stone, gravel, and mulch. Another important element to be considered and planned is the irrigation system for your commercial landscape.

As part or your landscape design concepts, our landscape architects may also recommend seasonal plantings as part of your commercial landscape design. Seasonal plantings can provide additional aesthetic interest and added color, enhancing the professional image for your site visitors and staff. Grand Rapids Landscape Management has substantial experience and knowledge selecting different types of colors, textures and plants to your landscape design, and we can also do the annual work of planting and maintaining seasonal elements for you.

Commercial Landscape Design Consultation
Once design concepts are complete, we’ll schedule another onsite meeting to discuss the features and details of conceptual drawings. We’ll also discuss the preliminary budget for turning the landscape concepts into reality. From this discussion, we’ll incorporate any changes discussed and present revised concepts and budgets as appropriate.

Commercial Landscape Construction Drawings
Once you’ve settled on the overall design, nature and sizes of areas and elements, plantings, and materials to be used, we’ll begin to develop additional landscape drawings as appropriate. These can include design drawings for building permits; drawings to illustrate final intent for the site and materials to be used; and detailed construction drawings for you and the landscape construction team. Once final drawings are approved, we’ll schedule construction and installation.

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