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Lawn Sprinkler Systems Installation

Grand Rapids Landscape Management residential lawn sprinkler systems installation and maintenance Grand Rapids Landscape Management installs and maintains commercial lawn sprinkler systems and residential sprinkler systems at businesses and homes throughout the Grand Rapids area.

In addition to lawn sprinkler systems, we install and integrate other irrigation elements, such as drip, mist, and soaking applications to water plantings.

Our concern is not only with the initial installation, but also with the costs of maintenance and operation over the life of the system.

Installation of residential lawn sprinkling systemTo conserve resources, we carefully plan the nature and placement of water-delivery components to ensure sufficient, but not excessive coverage. We also generally encourage the specification of the latest water-saving technologies and parts. Not only is saving water good for the environment, but depending on your source of water, the cost of water over the life of the system could easily dwarf amounts associated with installation and maintenance of the system.

Commercial sprinkler systems services by Grand Rapids Landscape ManagementWe use only commercial-grade parts and system components in both commercial and residential sprinkler and irrigation systems. Many sprinkler systems contractors specify cheaper residential-grade parts and components for home systems in order to offer a lower price. Our experience is that most residential-grade parts and components don’t last long or have significant, continuing maintenance issues—costing the owner of the home much more money over the long-term to service problems and replace faulty or broken parts.

If you’re considering a lawn sprinkler system for either a residential or commercial site, please give us a call or use the contact form. We’d be happy to discuss your needs; our approach to sprinkler systems planning, installation, and maintenance; and schedule a site visit to assess the site and prepare an estimate for planning and installation.

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