Commercial Lawn Sprinkler Systems
Installation & Maintenance

Commercial sprinkler systems services by Grand Rapids Landscape ManagementGrand Rapids Landscape Management installs and maintains lawn sprinkler systems for commercial clients throughout the greater Grand Rapids area.

Our commercial sites include office; corporate campuses; apartments, condominium and other residential complexes; hospitals and healthcare facilities; schools; manufacturing and production facilities; retail stores; and strip malls.

Proper irrigation systems maintain and enhance the value of your commercial landscape environment. Ultimately, they help build a landscape that requires less water and fertilization, saves money, and reduces negative environmental impact.

We carefully plan and design commercial sprinkler systems to ensure adequate, but not excessive, watering coverage. Part of this process is properly matching the pressure and flow of water to the proper sprinkler heads, misting devices, and drip and soak mechanisms. Too much pressure in small zones can lead to mist that gets carried away by the wind. Improper selection of sprinkler heads can lead to inadequate coverage and brown spots. In both cases, you’ll be wasting water and money each year while you try to keep your commercial landscape vibrant and healthy and the lawn space of your business green.

The ongoing costs of operation of a commercial lawn sprinkler and irrigation system are especially critical to businesses and other commercial concerns; in many cases, the ongoing costs of operations can dwarf the cost of purchase and installation. That’s why we research and specify the latest water-saving technologies and parts. And we use only commercial-grade parts and system components to ensure a long and worry-free life of your sprinkler system.

Our commercial lawn sprinkler systems services include:

  • Systems design
  • Design drawings and installation plans
  • Sprinkler and irrigation systems installation
  • Maintenance
  • Backflow prevention testing
  • Seasonal start-up and winterization
  • Maintenance and repair

If you’re considering a lawn sprinkler system for a commercial site, please give us a call or use our contact form. We’d be happy to discuss your needs; our approach to sprinkler systems planning, installation, and maintenance; and schedule a site visit to assess the site and prepare an estimate for planning and installation.

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