Residential Bark & Mulch
Delivery and Installation

residential bark and mulch delivery and installation services of Grand Rapids Landscape ManagementMulch is an ideal material to cover soil surface to maintain moisture, moderate soil temperature, improve soil conditions, limit weed growth, and improve your landscape. In fact, mulching is one of the best things a homeowner can do to ensure healthy trees. Mulch gives a residential landscape a unified, well-groomed appearance. However, if the wrong material is applied or if the mulch is too deep, it can harm your trees and shrubs, rather than help them.

Grand Rapids Landscape Management offers a full range of mulch and shredded bark materials to match your landscape needs and improve the beauty of your residence. In addition to delivering bark and mulch, we can also apply it for you, ensuring the proper depth and eliminating a lot of weekend work.

Spring is a great time to add mulch to your landscape in order to control weeds, but it can be delivered and applied at any time of the year.

Got kids? Playground mulch is a great material to cover high-traffic backyard play spaces. It will keep the area looking great, provide a soft landing space, and keep your kids cleaner than if they were playing in grass and dirt.

Shredded bark and mulch come in a wide variety of colors and textures. We can help make the right choices to match your needs and the colors and design of your home and its residential landscape.

Give Grand Rapids Landscape Management a call or use our contact form to discuss your needs, get current pricing, and schedule a delivery or installation time.

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