Residential Drainage & Runoff Contractors

Commercial drainage and runoff contractors services by Grand Rapids Landscape Management for offices, apartments, condos, industrial facilities, office parks, healthcare and hospitals, and not-for-profitsPoor drainage and excessive runoff can create significant damage and costly repairs for your home’s foundation, its basement, patios, and landscape environments. Many communities now require contractors to install systems to better handle runoff and protect the environment.

At Grand Rapids Landscape Management, we help residential clients avoid these problems. Whether you’re constructing a new home or have problems with your existing site, we can create and install cost-effective solutions that prevent damage and ensure the integrity of your residential site. We can work directly with you or with your general contractor, if you’re in the process of building or renovating your home.

If you’re experiencing drainage and runoff problems at your home, or if you need a drainage and runoff plan for a home you’re planning to build, give Grand Rapids Landscape Management a call or use our contact form to get in touch. We can help you design and integrate these solutions for you in an aesthetically pleasing way.

There are a number of residential solutions we employ as part of successful drainage and runoff strategies:

Grading ensures that surfaces slope away from house and other site structures. This prevents pooling of water and erosion of soil and other landscape elements.

Retaining Walls
We design and install retaining walls to mitigate runoff and prevent erosion. Ideally, these structures not only serve a functional purpose, but often they can be designed in such a way to add beauty and substance to the landscape.

Drain Tile Systems
We design and install drain tile systems to route water away from areas of concern.

Catch Basins & Dry Wells
Catch basins are containers that help collect runoff. Most often these are installed underground. Dry wells are larger catch basins, often filled with larger rocks. The larger rocks safely fill the basin, but allow water to fill between the rocks.

Dry Beds
Dry beds are created in runoff area by replacing soil with rock, which allows runoff water to flow below the rock to a more appropriate site location.

Rain Gardens
Rain Gardens help collect rain water and runoff from roofing systems. The runoff is then used to water gardens, plants, and other regions of the landscape.

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