Residential Landscape Design Services

Residential landscapte design services from Grand Rapids Landscape ManagementIt all begins with listening. While our residential landscape design professionals have a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience, the most important ingredient in successful landscape design is you.

We want to know your vision. Your lifestyle. We want to understand how you want to use your outdoor environment. Is it a place to play with kids or to let your retriever run? An environment for entertaining a dozen friends? A peaceful retreat on summer evenings? Maybe it’s all of those things. Let us know, and we’ll help you design a landscape environment that meets your needs, preferences, and budget.

It’s never too early to get us involved. Here’s what you can expect as part of the residential landscape design process:

Initial Onsite Consultation

Here’s where we discuss the vision for your landscape. How you would like to use the space. Details about what you like and don’t like. Any preferences in materials and plantings. Problem areas, like poor drainage, shady areas, aggressive slopes. And your budget. We’ll take notes on our discussion and on the architectural design of your home and neighborhood. While at the site, we’ll take measurements of the project area and any existing landscape features to be considered. We’ll also take some photos.

Landscape Design Concepts

Since each homeowner, home, and residential site is unique, our landscape design professionals will integrate your ideas, site characteristics, and budget to create conceptual ideas for your landscape. We’ll take the information from our initial consultation, meeting notes, site analysis, planned uses, and preferences, and combine it with our extensive knowledge of landscaping materials and plantings to develop landscape design sketches. These conceptual plans will note general areas and sizes for landscape elements such as lawn areas, plantings, retaining, privacy, or garden walls, walkways, decking, hardscapes, outdoor kitchens, fountains, and any other landscape structures.

Landscape Design Consultation

Once design concepts are complete, we’ll schedule another onsite meeting to discuss the features and details of conceptual drawings. We’ll also discuss the preliminary budget for turning the landscape concepts into reality. From this discussion, we’ll incorporate any changes discussed and present revised concepts and budgets as appropriate.

Landscape Construction Drawings

Once you’ve settled on the overall design, nature and sizes of areas and elements, plantings, and materials to be used, we’ll begin to develop additional landscape drawings as appropriate. These can include design drawings for building permits; drawings to illustrate final intent for the site and materials to be used; and detailed construction drawings for you and the landscape construction team. Once final drawings are approved, we’ll schedule construction and installation.

Design Fees and Project Minimums

Once one of our residential landscape design professionals meets with you and understands the scope of your project, he can help you establish a design budget and discuss any fees. Residential landscape design fees start at $500 and are billed at $100.00/design hour.

If you’d like to talk your needs and our residential landscape design services, give us a call or simply use our contact form to get in touch.

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