Residential Lawn Care Services

residential lawn care and maintenance services by Grand Rapids Landscape ManagementOur professional residential lawn care specialists will help you create a thick, healthy-looking lawn. Sure it will look great, But it will also be a lawn you’ll love to relax in. Where you’ll want to pad around in your bare feet. One where your kids will want to play. One that builds not only the value of your residential property, but also memories of good times with family and friends.

Grand Rapids Landscape Management will work with you to develop a lawn care program addressing the conditions unique to each area of your landscape. Our residential lawn care consultants will assess and analyze the condition of your lawn and make program recommendations customized to your property’s specific needs. A comprehensive, integrated approach to residential turf management and proper timing of lawn care applications will not only promote a thick healthy lawn, but also ensure your lawn is resistant against insects, diseases, and weeds.

Residential lawn care program components generally include properly timed, need-specific lawn fertilizer and weed control applications. Targeted lawn care and weed control treatments may also be necessary for problem areas of your lawn. Our team of lawn care professionals can also help with soil analysis, aeration, over-seeding, and other appropriate applications designed to encourage healthy growth.

Our weekly residential lawn maintenance customers also enjoy the security of knowing their lawns are also inspected each week during regular lawn maintenance. This way we can spot emerging problems insect, weed, and disease-related problems early, before significant damage occurs.

Residential Lawn Care Program Elements

We provide multiple lawn care fertilizer applications throughout the year. A balance of fast- and slow-release fertilizers ensures steady, healthy growth and consistent color. Organic fertilizer programs are available.

Insect Control
Our initial consultation will identify any areas of your lawn particularly affected by insects. Grand Rapids Landscape Management will identify the type of insects and specify the appropriate treatment to eradicate and control damaging infestation.

Weed Control
The best defense against lawn weeds is thick, healthy turf. That’s why proper timing and proper formulation of fertilizers is so important. However, if the condition of your lawn warrants it, we’ll also apply targeted applications of pre-emergent herbicides to control weeds and crabgrass. If weeds and crabgrass are already present, we’ll apply post-emergent herbicides as appropriate.

Disease Control
The condition of your lawn, soil, and other environmental factors has a significant impact on your lawn’s susceptibility to a variety of lawn diseases. Our initial analysis and an understanding of your lawn’s history will help Grand Rapids Landscape Management build a program to promote a healthy, disease-resistant lawn. Where disease is already present, we’ll help identify the cause and prescribe appropriate treatments and care to return your lawn to a healthy, vibrant state.

Tree, Shrub and Bedding Plant Care
Grand Rapids Landscape Management’s lawn care programs can also include applications to promote the healthy growth of trees, shrubs, and bedding plants.

Contact Grand Rapids Landscape Management to schedule an assessment and create a lawn care program designed to build the strong, healthy, green lawn you’ve always wanted.

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